Phoenix Suns

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a $20 billion enterprise and the Phoenix Suns are one of 30 franchises in the Association. The Suns produce upwards of $20 million in revenue every year and have roughly 200 full-time employees and thousands of orange and purple-clad fans. The Phoenix Suns have been a client of Fisher’s for more than 20 years. We created their brand identity, integrated media campaigns, game intros, and uniforms. Our relationship spans two different ownership groups, three general managers, and four marketing directors over the last two decades. Fisher was instrumental in helping the transitions of these key players, making them as smooth as possible every time.

What We Did

  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising
  • Strategy
  • Uniform Design
  • Court Design
  • Game Experience Content
  • Environmental Design